Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX Review

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Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX

Pros and Cons


  • Bright and colorful Display
  • Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto works flawlessly
  • Shallow Chassis design makes it easy to fit in any vehicle
  • Easy to use, due to its simple and impressive interface
  • Great Sound Quality
  • Lots of features to customized the sound
  • Wireless calling is crystal clear for me and the caller on the other end


  • No physical Volume knob
  • No CD/DVD Player
  • Resistive Touchscreen, might be better it it comes with Capacitive display.
  • Expensive

Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX

Display Quality
Sound Quality
Wireless Calling Quality


Overall the stereo is great. Works perfectly even after using it for 4 months. We highly recommends for those for who want great sound quality with wireless CarPlay in their vehicle.


Unboxing the Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX

In the box of Pioneer’s DMH-W660NEX, you will find:

Wiring Harness

The first thing we’ll be working with is the wire harness. When installing an aftermarket radio, the wire harness is used to connect power and ground from your car’s original in-dash receiver over to any speakers.


Bluetooth microphones are used for hands-free Bluetooth phone calls. It’s typically installed up near the driver and it comes on a wire about ten feet long, if you need a very flexible installation that is easy to install without any wires involved!

USB Type-C Extension Cable

The USB port on the back can be reached with ease and convenience, as they include this extension so you don’t have to remove your seatbelt or climb over anything in order to access it. You’ll also feel less cramped up front because there’s more room for things like groceries!

GPS Antenna

The built-in GPS antenna, even though it doesn’t have navigation, still requires a separate one for proper operation with Android Auto and Apple Carplay Wireless.

  • USB Type-C to  USB Type-A adapter
  • Audio input and Output harness
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Mounting Screws

2-minute Review – Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX

If you’re looking for an expandable, future-proof audio/entertainment system that also offers all of the connectivity options and functions to meet your needs then it is worth considering purchasing a Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX.

With an easy to use interface that will make it simple to navigate through settings like Netflix or Amazon Prime without any difficulties whatsoever!

The Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX is a great option for anyone looking to upgrade their audio and media experience. With every type of connectivity choice, sound quality enhancement features like Bluetooth streaming capabilities or support for different formats such as FLAC files (lossless), this device has what you need in one affordable package!

You’ll get connectivity options for your car from Mirrorlink so that no matter what kind of device life throws at it there will always be an option available! Not only does this unit have excellent sound quality but also has streaming capabilities which makes listening even more enjoyable on those long drives home from work or school – isn’t driving great?!


The new Pioneer comes packing impressively detailed features without breaking into expensive territory: decked out frontally by richly textured buttons as well as intuitive touch screen technology make navigation easy while still being Crystal clear thanks to its wide angle projection.


  • Double DIN chassis size
  • Built-in CD/DVD Player
  • 7 Inch Resistive Touchscreen Display
  • 13 Band Equalizer settings
  • Built-in Amp having power peak of 200 watts
  • Support AM/FM Radio
  • Latest Bluetooth support
  • Sirius XM Radio compatible
  • Support Backup Camera 
  • Support GPS Navigation
  • Single USB port
  • Multiple Video Playback supported
  • High Res-FLAC supported
  • CTA 2006 Compliant
  • 12 months Warranty
Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX Review
Shallow-chassis design for easy installation

Design and Features

The 6.8 inch touchscreen display on this double din stereo is a resistive, clear lively matrix type with great color rendering that goes to look nice in nearly any lighting situation possible.

You can directly connect your phone with receiver for watching via videos and music. With its built-in HDMI Port you can connect your vehicle’s other streaming devices such as headrest.


The Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX front panel has a simple layout that’s easy to use, with all the controls conveniently placed on one screen. The volume control and home button are right where you’ll find them; there’s also voice activation if needed for those who have difficulty touching correctly or seeing well enough in bright light conditions. 

This full HD display offers 800 x 480 resolution so users can watch videos without any lag time even when running multiple apps simultaneously! Live widgets provided by Wi-Fi will update themselves automatically as new information becomes available–great news since it saves time having someone check up on what we’re doing online instead of us needing constant supervision (we don’t want anyone overdoing

Built-in Amplifier

The DMH-W4500NEX is a versatile car audio system with one touch access to your sources and built-in amplifier. It operates on four speakers, up to two wireless calling, or the steering wheel controls of third party adapters for use as an interface between vehicle and phone which can be connected through Bluetooth or jack wired microphone included within the unit’s design.

Apple CarPlay Wired as well as Wireless

The DMH-W4660NEX supports both wireless CarPlay and wired CarPlay.

You can now drive your car, listen to music and make calls with Apple CarPlay. The integration of the iPhone into the driving experience puts it right in front of you without any distractions! You can use streaming apps like Spotify, messaging friends or family members (there’s no need to reach far back between seats), navigation instructions on where to turn off this road since we’re already there – AND most importantly: listening safely behind.


If you’re an Alexa fan, the included remote is one of our favorite features. Simply pair your phone with this receiver and press “Alexa” on its faceplate button when in range to access music from hundreds of stations across different genres as well as audiobooks from Audible extensive library! You can also check weather reports or traffic updates while listening for quick commands that will turn any light switch off/on remotely–just say “goodnight” before bedtime if all lights are turned down low.

Android Auto Wired as well as Wireless

The DMH-W4660NEX also supports  Android Auto, which extends the Android platform into your car in a way that’s purpose built for driving. 

Android Auto is a way to integrate Android into your car without distraction. You can use voice control for Google Maps, weather updates and more!

The amazing thing about this platform? It’ll let you easily access any app on the market through an intuitive interface that doesn’t take away from driving experience one bit – in fact it enhances it by keeping everything right where drivers need them most: 

On their screens during those long highway trips with nothing else going on around them but some soothing tunes playing softly-and not only do they get all these great features as well; driver satisfaction levels are said increase thanks too its ease of accessibility which makes life easier every

Phone swapping

With one universal remote, you can control your whole family’s devices without having to choose between an iPhone or Android device. Simply plug in whichever phone is charging and go!

One of my favorite features about the Universal Remote app (especially since I’m married with kids who each have their own) is that it allows me not only see what they’re watching on Netflix but also take over for them by pressing buttons while letting other members learn how do use technology responsibly – like turn off screens when done using apps etcetera.

Support Alexa

The DMH-W4660NEX In-dash Receiver features the latest automotive connectivity solutions, including Amazon Alexa Built -In. With this interface you can talk to a virtual assistant through your car speakers!

Music and weather are two things that make any day go by faster. Now, you can ask Alexa to play your favorite tune or forecast from anywhere in North America using only one voice command: “Alexa That’s Weather Where I Am.”


Keep your factory features and expand the connectivity of in-vehicle entertainment with Pioneer NEX. When you install a compatible receiver using iDatalink Maestro RR (sold separately), not only will it allow for greater control over key audio functions but also touchscreen display that can be operated through without accessing any other apps or devices on board an iPhone 5S/6 Plus running iOS 9+!

Built-in Equalizer

The perfect in-car companion for your listening preferences, the Pioneer NEX is an award winning receiver that features 13 band graphic equalizer settings with touch panel swipe settings and customizable high/low pass filters. With its flexibility to suit both vehicle audio needs as well personalize them just right using this intuitive interface there’s no need worry about being bored by what you’re hearing while driving alone anymore!


Does Pioneer DMH w4660nex have navigation?

Yes, Pioneer DMH w4660nex has navigation. The built-in navigation system offers a comprehensive map database of the United States and Canada. Plus, updates are available free of charge for the lifetime of the product.

The system provides turn-by-turn directions, 3D terrain view, and lane guidance to help you get to your destination quickly and easily. In addition, destinations can be stored as favorites for quick recall.

How do I mirror my iPhone to Pioneer NEX?

You can mirror your iPhone to Pioneer NEX by using a HDMI cable.

First, make sure that your iPhone and Pioneer NEX are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Next, open the Control Center on your iPhone by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

Then, tap on the Screen Mirroring button and select Pioneer NEX from the list of available devices. Your iPhone will now be mirrored on your Pioneer NEX.

How do I mirror my iPhone to Pioneer NEX?

The first step is to make sure that your iPhone and Pioneer NEX are both on the same Wi-Fi network. Once they’re both connected to the same network, open the Settings app on your iPhone and select Mirroring.

If your Pioneer NEX is listed in the Devices section, select it and then turn on the Mirroring switch. If your Pioneer NEX isn’t listed in the Devices section, you’ll need to enter its shared name or IP address manually. To find the shared name of your Pioneer NEX, open its Settings app and select Remote Control. The shared name will be displayed at the top of the screen.

Enter this shared name into the iPhone’s Mirroring settings, turn on the Mirroring switch, and your iPhone’s display should appear on your Pioneer NEX.

If you’re having trouble connecting, make sure that both your iPhone and Pioneer NEX are on the same Wi-Fi network. You may also need to restart your devices or reset your router. If you still can’t connect, contact Apple Support or Pioneer Support for more help.

Does Pioneer dmh-w4660nex support wireless CarPlay?

Yes, the Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX does support wireless CarPlay. It uses Wi-Fi to connect to your iPhone or iPad and mirror its display on the receiver’s screen. You can also control CarPlay from the receiver’s touchscreen or voice commands.

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